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First of its kind - AI Powered Cyber Security, pinpointing exactly where extra defences are needed to protect you against Cyber Attacks.

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In contrast to many other so-called dark web intelligence providers that use OSINT and only aggregate data, Darkscope has developed a human-like search technology that works in the deep web, on social media and in the darkweb.

How does Darkscope show you everything in one view, protects your businees against cyber attacks and boosts your cyber security?

Find out for yourself.

Try it - The Cyber Threat Scan

What are your cyber threats?

If you were attacked,
would you know where it came from and why?

Knowing how you might be attacked means you know what to defend against.

Darkscope will run a one-off full Threat Scan of the internet, social media and the darkweb on your business, your internet presence and your key people. This will show if you are at risk from a cyber attack and how you can improve your cyber security.

How it works

Our system observes your entire attack surface, including:

High-risk users identification

Breached user accounts scanning

Web services detection

SSL & DNS configuration error detection

Domains & subdomains scanning

Products & Services detection

External network detection

Social media scanning with sentiment detection

User-generated content scanning (e.g. 9Gag, 4Chan, Reddit)

Cyber Threat campaigns against industries

Darkweb forums, chats and marketplaces

Telegram & Signal groups scanning

APT campaign detection

Global cyberthreat scoring


NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2020
NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2021
iSANZ 2021 Finalist 2021
iSANZ 2019

Benefits of Intelligent Cyber Security

Cyber Threat Sentinel
Early Warning System
Most other threat intelligence providers aggregate threat information using OSINT. Commonly, you will receive a threat intelligence stream that is only between 1% and 5% relevant to you. When you consider that those preparing a cyber attack on your business will have researched you: your staff, partners, customer base, a stream of generic threat intelligence has only little value if any.
Practical threat intelligence needs to know about you. It needs to look for and report the same exposures that the bad guys are looking to exploit to breach you.
Cyber Threat Sentinel
Proactive Cyber Security
Having a firewall, proxies, load-balancers, DDoS deflection, anti-malware, anti-virus, and end-point security is excellent – all businesses need cyber security, but…. it doesn’t always work! Cyberwarfare is guerrilla, not trench warfare anymore. The odds are stacked against you. Your attacker is mobile, active and doesn’t acknowledge any “rules of war”. Static solutions don’t address dynamic situations. An attack can come from anywhere – your partners or suppliers and staff or contractors are as much a cyber risk as a “drive-by” ransomware or DDoS attack.
Cyber Threat Sentinel
Knowing the unknown
There are three parts to a successful campaign:
  • -defence
  • -attack
  • -intelligence
Intelligence guides how the defence or attack are planned; without it, you're blind, and you might end up building a floodwall in the desert - it doesn't work.
Darkscope gives you cyber intelligence. If someone is planning to attack you – we tell you. If you’ve already been breached – we tell you. If you’ve had data stolen – we tell you.
You can better plan your defences to protect your business when you know what your risk is.
Cyber Threat Sentinel
Don't play Whack-a-Mole
Focusing only on current fires and investing heavily in boosting defences is expensive. The alternative approach is identifying the likelihood of an attack and accurate defensive action being taken that balances risk with fine-tuned defence. The missing part of the equation is cyber risk intelligence or knowing what might come at you instead of blindly whacking moles. Most businesses can’t keep up with how quickly these attacks are evolving. It is essential to step back and assess how likely it is for a business to be compromised in the first place before taking action.


Neville R. (CTO)
Gallagher Group Ltd.
We are just coming up for our anniversary using Darkscope, and reflecting on how it literally has enlightened some dark places beyond our normal security controls.
Mikhael S. (ICT Leader)
West Coast Regional Council
The report is written in such a way that it targets the key questions management and governance have, lists specific issues found, suggesting appropriate remediation. This is done in quite a good way so as not to overwhelm those unfamiliar with security concepts but provide enough information to understand the risks.
Marc H. (Managing Director)
Fruchthof Northeim
Marc Hasenbeck, one of the managing directors of Fruchthof Northeim, explains that DarkScope's Cyber Watchtower service was specifically chosen to ensure that the source of potential threats is identified before an attack can occur.
Dianne B. (Security Manager)
Fidelity Life Assurance
Appreciate the super-responsive support and service you provide.
Integrating Darkscope was, from a risk point of view, very easy as it does not interface or connect into our environment. Darkscope's service is entirely based on data that is found in cyberspace.
When you add it all up, it’s just altogether better – a complete cyber threat intelligence service.

Our Services

Cyber Threat Sentinel
Cyber Threat Sentinel
If you were attacked, would you know where it came from and why? Cyber Threat Sentinel continuously assesses your risk across five prominent cyber-attack types and lets you know when and from what direction you’re at risk. Darkscope proprietary AI technology constantly scans and analyses cyberspace to find information that could harm your business. Whether it is information about your people, products, services, or business data, our engine will find in real-time what is out there and determine if and how it can be used to harm your business.
CIQ360 Partner & Suppliers
CIQ360 Partner & Suppliers
CIQ360™ is the cyber risk rating service designed for customers assessing a potential client, partner, or supplier for cyber risks. Better than any actuarial calculation or guess, CIQ360 calculates risk by scanning the same external domains that “the bad guys” use to assess whether the business is a worthwhile target. CIQ360 rates your client’s cyber risk in cyberspace. Cyberspace is three domains: the internet, social media and the dark web. By scanning a full circle (360°) around them, CIQ360 can measure activity that shows if there is external malicious interest in your client that would make them a greater risk to you.
Cyber Watchtower
Cyber WatchtowerTM
The Cyber Watchtower is Darkscope’s premium service. It uses proprietary AI technology (our Seekers) to gather personalised information about your organisation from cyberspace. Cyber Watchtower combines this data and aggregates millions of threat indicators in real-time which can identify risks that can lead to new attacks, discovers existing breaches, finds stolen data and identifies new areas of risks as they develop.



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Why Us

Dark Web Monitoring
Social Media Monitoring
User-generated content (e.g. 9gag) Monitoring
High-risk users Monitoring
Partner & Supplier Monitoring
Email Breach Monitoring
Telegram & Signal groups Monitoring
Domain Monitoring
Cyber Risk Scoring
Domains & subdomains scanning
Partner & Supplier Scoring
Web service configuration error detection
SSL & DNS configuration error detection
APT industry & location campaign detection


In contrast to many other so-called dark web intelligence providers that use OSINT and only aggregate data, Darkscope has developed a human-like search technology that works in the deep web, on social media and in the darkweb. By combining the capabilities of different types of AI, Darkscope has built a virtual person that can engage in chats, respond to forum entries, and receive emails. We call these Seekers. They have names, profiles, and personalities so they can engage in cyberspace. On their own, Seekers can’t deliver the information that we want from cyberspace. To cover the +200,000,000 darkweb pages that Darkscope scans each week on behalf of our clients, we pair a Seeker with a SearchDrone, like a rider on a horse.

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