It’s all about you!

It’s all about you!

Not all threat intelligence is equal. Most threat feeds tell you what’s threatening everyone. Less than 2% is relevant to you! Most cyber-attacks are personal. The good ones always are! Darkscope delivers personalised cyber threat intelligence, information from cyberspace that shows if an attack is being prepared against you if you have been breached and had data stolen. That includes individual dark web monitoring, social media monitoring with sentiment detection.
Cyber intelligence driven by AI

Cyber intelligence driven by AI

In war, there are three parts to a successful campaign – defence, attack and intelligence. In the cyberwar, Darkscope delivers intelligence. Using our super-smart AI’s, we can hunt on the internet, social media and the darkweb, when you’re awake, asleep, enjoying a day off, or even while you’re on holiday. Our AI-driven Cyber SIEM backend scans over 28 million sites each day, engage on social media and in the darkweb, scanning for information about you. When we find it, you will know immediately!
Cybersecurity is reactive– you need more!

Cybersecurity is reactive– you need more!

We’re losing the cyberwar. In 2021 cybercrime will cause US$6 trillion of damage to organisations around the world. Cyber defence alone is NOT working. Not knowing where an attack comes from might lead to a defence like a flood wall in the desert. It looks good, but you get burned by the sun. Darkscope's Cyber Watchtower is the first of its kind, a real Cyber SIEM that monitors your environment from all external threats and attack vectors.


Cyber Risk Scoring
Darkscope doesn’t just score your risk, we rate your score against your market to give it relevance.
Partner & Supplier Risk
Darkscope doesn't just tell you if you have a risky partner or supplier, we score each one daily to identify how much of a risk they could be to your organisation.
Threat Intelligence
Darkscope doesn’t just do Threat Intelligence, we deliver personalised threat intelligence.
Dark Web Monitoring
Darkscope doesn’t just do Dark Web Monitoring, we have trained AI delivering up-to-the-minute darkweb monitoring and reporting.
Email Breaches
Darkscope doesn’t just find email breaches, we warn about fake, stolen and corrupted email addresses in cyberspace that are a risk.
Cyber Risk Assessment
Darkscope doesn’t just assess your cyber risk, we notify and alert you when your cyber risk profile changes.
Social Media Monitoring
Darkscope doesn’t just do Social Media Monitoring, we detect the sentiment and profile your risk from malicious social media activity.
Domain Monitoring
Darkscope doesn’t just watch your domains, we seek out doppelganger and fake domains that can be used to scam you, your customers or partners.
When you add it all up, it’s just altogether better – a complete cyber threat intelligence service.


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