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It’s all about you!

It’s all about you!

Not all threat intelligence is equal. Most threat feeds tell you what’s threatening everyone. Less than 2% is relevant to you! Most cyber-attacks are personal. The good ones always are! Darkscope delivers personalised cyber threat intelligence, information from cyberspace that shows if an attack is being prepared against you if you have been breached and had data stolen. That includes individual dark web monitoring, social media monitoring with sentiment detection.
Cyber intelligence driven by AI

Cyber intelligence driven by AI

In war, there are three parts to a successful campaign – defence, attack and intelligence. In the cyberwar, Darkscope delivers intelligence. Using our super-smart AI’s we can hunt on the internet, social media and the darkweb, when you’re awake, asleep, enjoying a day off, or even while you’re on holiday. Our AI-driven Cyber SIEM backend scans over 5 million sites each day, engage on social media and in the darkweb scanning for information about you. When we find it, you will know immediately!
Cybersecurity is reactive– you need more!

Cybersecurity is reactive– you need more!

We’re losing the cyberwar. In 2021 cybercrime will cause US$6 trillion of damage to organisations around the world. Cyber defence alone is NOT working. Not knowing where an attack comes from might lead to a defence like a flood wall in the desert. It looks good, but you get burned by the sun. Darkscope's Cyber Watchtower is the first of its kind, a real Cyber SIEM that monitors your environment from all external threats and attack vectors.


Cyber Threat Sentinel
Cyber Threat SentinelTM
If you were attacked, would you know where it came from and why? Cyber Threat Sentinel continuously assesses your risk across five prominent cyber-attack types and lets you know when and from what direction you’re at risk.
CIQ360 Partner & Suppliers
CIQ360 Partner & SuppliersTM
Instead of feeding you every bad thing in the cyber world that might affect you (threat intelligence) Darkscope searches cyberspace for threats and risks that are targeting you, your people or your customers.
Cyber Watchtower
Cyber WatchtowerTM
Cyber Watchtower uses a extensive network in the deep web to provide strategic cyber threat intelligence for organisations.


Darkscope is an award-winning personalised cyber intelligence service provider. We are a joint human and AI business with a dedication to developing, training and using artificial intelligence to make our human expertise better, the experience better and more consistent for our clients, and of course to provide better value solutions.

With our own cutting-edge AI and Deep Artificial Neural Networks - DANN strategically placed throughout the dark web, Darkscope leads the world of cyber intelligence solutions.

Our Story

Asking “why” is the start of the Darkscope story, then asking “why not” is the reason to carry on.
Why is the security world entirely focused on what they know and can control when so much risk is outside of their control?
Why do organisations not have intelligence gathering processes that help mitigate their risk as a priority in their strategies?
Why not train AI to complete repeatable information gathering processes?
Since 2018 Darkscope has focused on delivering superior cyber intelligence to our clients, stretching the bounds of AI and helping make the cyber world a safer place.


Search Drone & Seeker

Darkscope has developed human-like search technology that works in the deep web, on social media and in the dark web. By combining the capabilities of different types of AI, Darkscope has built a virtual person that can engage in chats, respond to forum entries, and receives emails. We call these Seekers.


Bogus domains are the landing pages for many scams. Darkscope constantly monitors for new domain registrations, subdomain changes, domain spoofing, and doppelganger sites. Domainwatch can identify potential scam sites by using Artificial Intelligence (AI), crawlers, and search engines to find these sites.

AI Person & Identity

With Darkscopes advanced AI-driven Search Drone & Seeker technology, we can monitor hundreds of social media channels. This includes Signal, Telegram channels as well as Dark web forums, chatrooms and other social platforms. Our system can autonomously create new identities when necessary.
million dark web pages per week
domains scanned every second,
internet & dark web social media platforms.


Cyber Interference:Explained
Cyber Interference:Explained
It's not just foreign governments interfering with elections that we need to worry about - cyber interference can be used to destroy a reputation or cripple a business, and we need to know when it's happening to us. Using the cyberworld to interfere with business processes to steal critical and valuable information, or denigrate a reputation, is now the largest criminal enterprise globally. State-sponsored cyber interference makes the headlines, but commercial cyber interference is a US$600 billion a year serious criminal business.
Social media:The heartbeat
Social media:The heartbeat
Social media is the heartbeat of the digital world. For your business, it's also an area of a serious risk that needs to be managed. But how do you manage the risk if you don't know what the SM world is saying about you? Not just your staff, but your customers, partners, detractors and the public at large. Taking the pulse of SM is called Sentiment or Mood Analysis. Darkscope has added this as a service so that our clients can understand the security risk that SM presents to their businesses.
No one vendor, product or service can deliver your cybersecurity needs - here's why. What is commonly called cybersecurity is derived from network, information or infrastructure security. These products and services are good at what they do, but what they do is only part of what cybersecurity is. In the modern war against cybercrime, they can only deliver a small part of what your cybersecurity solution needs to be today. When we look at what and where the risks are, 70% are external to your organisation. Of the 30% that is internal, 80-90% of this risk is your own people.



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