Who we are

Darkscope is an award-winning personalised cyber intelligence service provider. We are a joint human and AI business dedicated to developing, training and using artificial intelligence to make our human expertise better, the experience better and more consistent for our clients, and of course, to provide better value solutions. With our own cutting-edge AI and Deep Artificial Neural Networks - DANN strategically placed throughout the dark web, Darkscope leads the world of cyber intelligence solutions.


Asking “why” is the start of the Darkscope story, then asking “why not” is the reason to carry on.

Why is the security world entirely focused on what they know and can control when so much risk is outside of their control.

Why do organisations not have intelligence gathering processes that help mitigate their risk as a priority in their strategies?

Why not train AI to complete repeatable information gathering processes?

Since 2018 Darkscope has focused on delivering superior cyber intelligence to our clients, stretching the bounds of AI and helping make the cyber world a safer place.


We want to make it easier for our clients to identify their risks from the cyber world. By understanding their risks, they can mitigate or nullify the risks to their business, customers and partners.

The dark web

Risk management is a vital tool in Information security, but somehow, everyone shifted to Defence management when it comes to cyber security. Instead of assessing the particular risk of a business, the industry started with defence assessments as there was no way to determine the specific cyber risk of a company.
The idea of the CIRS score was born out of the realisation that assessing the defence without knowing where the threats are, is like protecting against a flood when you live in a desert - It doesn't work.

After 14 months of intensive research, Darkscope developed the CIRS score that allows us to determine the individual cyber risk of any business by comparing it with millions of other companies work wide, in real-time. Not only can we show the overall cyber risk, but we can also identify areas where an attack is most likely to come from. This allows customers to prioritise and optimise their defences which reduces the costs and time for the customer.

Collecting all the information needed to determine the cyber risk of a company requires a lot of people. We wanted our solution to be affordable for businesses of any size, so we had to find another solution. Machine learning and AI had made significant progress, and we started training the first models that helped us reduce the amount of manual work for our services. Today, we're at nearly 80% automation that allows us to provide our services very cost-efficient.

End of 2018, our cyber Watchtower Service was finally ready for beta testing. Two hundred fifty thousand lines of source code and several AI models later, our backend was capable of finding, analysing, and identifying all information necessary to determine the cyber risk of a customer. Our sources span over the entire cyberspace, including the internet, news, social media, dark web, forums, chat rooms.Today, we analyse over 200 million dark web pages per week alone and countless Telegram groups, chat rooms and forums.

In 2019, Darkscope got recognised and won the iSANZ award in the category Startup of the Year. In the same year, we onboarded the Gallagher Group as our first customer. Gallagher has been with us since then and followed our development closely.

We extended our offerings and announced the CyberIQ brand with CIQ360 and CyberIQ. These services allow enterprises to review partners and suppliers to determine the risk originating from the supply chain. It also offers Cyber Insurancers to understand better the state of cyber security of their customers and prospects. 2020 was also the year we were named TOP10 Cyber Security Startup in APAC and Hi-Tech Awards finalist.

2021 was an exciting year for us. We had the honour to be Hi-Tech Award finalist and extended our customer base in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and UK. With strong partners in these regions and additional functionality, Darkscope has grown considerably and is now one of the leading Cyber Intelligence providers in the world. We now rate over 5 million businesses daily and analyse over 200 million dark web pages per week. Also, our Domainwatch service examines over 200 domains every second, or 720.000 per domains hour.

The in 2021 introduced Cyber Attack Vector analysis will become an even more critical tool for businesses to streamline the cyber defence strategy. This AI-driven function allows customers to identify not only the risk but also from what direction this risk originates from. Our investments and development in AI continue, and we're planning to release our Cyber Attack Prediction (CAP) model that allows us to predict attacks before they happen. For that, we use over 100 million data points in real-time.

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