Dark web monitoring

Not just dark, also deep

A paradigm shift in cybersecurity

Darkscope provides comprehensive dark web, deep web and hacker group monitoring services, offering businesses real-time insights into potential threats and vulnerabilities within the hidden corners of the internet to enhance cybersecurity.

DarkScope’s pioneering AI technology represents a paradigm shift in cybersecurity, transcending conventional boundaries to provide comprehensive monitoring and protection across the entire digital landscape. Unlike traditional solutions limited to monitoring the surface-level internet or specific dark web forums, DarkScope’s award-winning AI harnesses the power of machine learning and advanced algorithms to traverse the depths of the World Wide Web, including its deep and dark recesses.


By employing a sophisticated blend of data crawling, natural language processing, and anomaly detection, DarkScope’s AI continuously scans and analyzes vast swathes of online data in real-time. This proactive approach enables us to uncover emerging threats, identify malicious activities, and anticipate potential breaches across a spectrum of online environments.

Looking beyond your security wall

DarkScope’s unique capability to monitor not just the dark web but the entire internet empowers organizations with unparalleled visibility and insights into their digital footprint. Whether it’s uncovering underground marketplaces, detecting data leaks, or mitigating brand reputation risks, our AI-driven platform provides a holistic view of cyber threats, allowing businesses to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries.


Furthermore, DarkScope’s AI is constantly evolving, learning from new data patterns and emerging threats to enhance its predictive capabilities and adapt to evolving cyber landscapes. This dynamic intelligence ensures that our clients receive proactive and targeted security measures tailored to their specific needs, safeguarding their digital assets and preserving trust in an increasingly interconnected world.


12% of the webs content, where we can find risks other can’t.

Deep Web

The Deep Web hosts private hacker networks that we can penetrate.

Social Monitoring

In 2024 the majority of hacks are organized through social media.

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