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Security framework compliance evaluations

Threat Scan

one-off comprehensive vulnerability scans

Dark Web Monitoring

Monitoring across the entire spectrum of the internet

Social Engineering

Make sure you understand all your external threat vectors

Fraud Support

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Evaluate your ISO and NIST Score

Offering flexibility in information security compliance, our service allows customers to tailor their approach by choosing between an ISO 27001 or NIST security compliance check.


For those prioritizing international standards, ISO 27001 establishes a robust framework, focusing on the establishment and continual improvement of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). On the other hand, customers opting for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines gain access to a comprehensive set of cybersecurity controls and risk management practices.


Whether aligning with ISO 27001 or NIST, our compliance checks ensure a thorough evaluation of your organization’s information security controls, policies, and procedures. This tailored approach enables you to address specific industry requirements or compliance preferences while reinforcing your commitment to effective cybersecurity practices.


Choose the compliance framework that aligns best with your organizational needs and industry standards, demonstrating a proactive stance against evolving cyber threats.

Threat Scan

Cyber Threat Scan to understand your risk

A one-time threat scan of your entire external attack surface can help provide you with peace of mind about your current security position and point you in the right direction to improve.

Your entire attack surface scanned
  • Up to three high-risk users
  • Breached user accounts
  • Web services
  • SSL & DNS configuration errors
  • Up to three domains & subdomains
  • Products & Services
  • User-generated content platform (e.g. 9Gag, 4Chan, Reddit)
  • Industry specific cyber threat campaigns
  • Darkweb forums, chats, and marketplaces
  • Telegram & Signal groups
  • APT campaigns (undetected Advanced Persistent Threats)
  • Global cyber threat scoring

Darkweb Monitoring

Not just Dark also Deep

Darkscope provides comprehensive dark web, deep web and hacker group monitoring services, offering businesses real-time insights into potential threats and vulnerabilities within the hidden corners of the internet to enhance cybersecurity.


12% of the webs content, where we can find risks other can’t.

Deep Web

The Deep Web hosts private hacker networks that we can penetrate.

Social Monitoring

In 2024 the majority of hacks are organized through social media.

Social Engineering

The Psychological hack costing Billions

Darkscopes’ social engineering service is a cutting-edge component of its cyber intelligence offerings, designed to uncover and analyze the intricate web of human interactions within the digital realm

Human Behavior Attacks

The social engineering service goes beyond just identifying vulnerabilities; it delves into the psychology of human behavior in the digital landscape. Darkscopes’ experts analyze how individuals within an organization respond to different social engineering tactics, providing valuable insights into potential points of compromise.


This nuanced understanding allows businesses to tailor their training programs and security protocols to address specific weaknesses, ultimately creating a more resilient and security-conscious workforce.

Fraud Support

Going beyond Detection and Monitoring

Our expert investigators and forensic analysts are ready to respond swiftly to any suspected incidents, employing sophisticated techniques to trace and mitigate potential risks.

Investigation and Forensics

In the event of a suspected fraud or cybercrime, Darkscope’s fraud support services provide investigation and digital forensics expertise.

This involves analyzing the details of the incident, gathering digital evidence, and tracing the source of the fraudulent activity to understand the methods used by perpetrators.

Assessment and Prevention

Darkscope conducts risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities within an organization’s systems and processes that could be exploited by fraudsters.

By understanding potential risks, these services help implement preventive measures, such as enhanced security protocols, employee training, and system upgrades, to reduce the likelihood of future fraudulent incidents.

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