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Manage and monitor your threats in real time

Watchtower is your mission control center in the fight against cyber attacks. Manage and monitor your threats in real time.

The Cyber Watchtower aggregates millions of threat indicators in real-time to identify new attacks, discover existing breaches, and enable security teams to quickly understand and contain threats.


The key differentiator for the Cyber Watchtower is DANN (Darkscope Artificial Neural Network), a combination of highly accurate AI models and algorithms that assigns scores to indicators of compromise so security teams can prioritize mitigation tasks. The Cyber Watchtower also allows for integration with many popular SIEMs and orchestration platforms.


Unlike other cyber intelligence firms, we provide all our customers with a security expert that continuously monitors our clients attack surface, Ensuring that you don’t get continually bombarded with false positives and the information we provide you is accurate and relevant.

Looking beyond your security wall

Darkscope’s Cyber Interference Risk Score profiles and rates the risks of a cyberattack for an organisation, not just their readiness or ability to respond. A Cyber Risk Score delivers more than a maturity based assessment can, as it looks beyond the walls of the organisation to the root of cyberthreats. 


As an organisation builds their digital footprint; to increase market presence and competitiveness and make it easier to interact with customers, its digital footprint provides source material that makes the organisation a potential target for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals use public information to build profiles of target organisations. This includes published news and reports, internet activity and social media data on suppliers, customers and key people in the organisation.

Monitoring your entire attack surface

User & Account Monitoring

• High-risk users monitoring
• Breached user account detection (passive)

Web & Domain Monitoring

• Web service monitoring
• SSL & DNS configuration errors
• Domains & subdomains scanning
• Domain permutation monitoring

Cyber Threat Intelligence

• Social media monitoring with sentiment detection
• User-generated content platform monitoring (e.g. 9Gag, 4Chan, Reddit)
• Cyber Threat campaigns against industries
• Dark web forums, chats, and marketplaces monitoring
• Telegram & Signal groups monitoring
• APT campaign monitoring

External Network

• Products & Services monitoring
• External network connections monitoring
• Vulnerability scanning of external connections and services
• Exploit detection and alerting

Risk Assessment

• Partner & supplier monitoring
• Cyber Interference Risk Score
• Global cyberthreat scoring


Industry leaders who depend on Darkscope for their cyber risk insights

We are just coming up for our anniversary using Darkscope, and reflecting on how it literally has enlightened some dark places beyond our normal security controls.

Neville R. (CTO) Gallagher Group Ltd

Marc Hasenbeck, one of the managing directors of Fruchthof Northeim, explains that DarkScope's Cyber Watchtower service was specifically chosen to ensure that the source of potential threats is identified before an attack can occur.

Mar H. (MD) Fruchthof Northeim

Appreciate the super-responsive support and service you provide. Integrating Darkscope was, from a risk point of view, very easy as it does not interface or connect into our environment. Darkscope's service is entirely based on data that is found in cyberspace.

Dianne B. (Security Manager) Fidelity Life Assurance

The report is written in such a way that it targets the key questions management and governance have, lists specific issues found, suggesting appropriate remediation. This is done in quite a good way so as not to overwhelm those unfamiliar with security concepts but provide enough information to understand the risks.

Mikhael S. (ICT Leader) West Coast Regional Council

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