Threat Scan

CIQ360 Reporting

iSANZ 2021 Winner
Best Security Product
of the year

Understand your
entire attack surface

A one-time threat scan of your entire external attack surface can help provide you with peace of mind about your current security position and point you in the right direction to improve.

Your entire attack surface scanned
  • Up to three high-risk users
  • Breached user accounts
  • Web services
  • SSL & DNS configuration errors
  • Up to three domains & subdomains
  • Products & Services
  • User-generated content platform (e.g. 9Gag, 4Chan, Reddit)
  • Industry specific cyber threat campaigns
  • Darkweb forums, chats, and marketplaces
  • Telegram & Signal groups
  • APT campaigns (undetected Advanced Persistent Threats)
  • Global cyber threat scoring

Looking beyond your security wall

Darkscope’s Cyber Interference Risk Score profiles and rates the risks of a cyberattack for an organisation, not just their readiness or ability to respond. A Cyber Risk Score delivers more than a maturity based assessment can, as it looks beyond the walls of the organisation to the root of cyberthreats. 


As an organisation builds their digital footprint; to increase market presence and competitiveness and make it easier to interact with customers, its digital footprint provides source material that makes the organisation a potential target for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals use public information to build profiles of target organisations. This includes published news and reports, internet activity and social media data on suppliers, customers and key people in the organisation.

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